Ground-Breakings (Jichinsai), Office Blessings are performed onsite or at the Shrine to bless and purify the ground, the owners, family, business owners, contractors, equipment and others connected with the project.

House Blessings (Iekiyome) upon occupying the home, performed at home or at the shrine, to bless and purify the house, the home owners, family, and others.

Baby’s First Blessing (Hatsumiyamairi) is held on or near the 32nd day following birth for a male baby and the 33rd day for a female baby. Convenient days and weekends and not exact days are allowable. It is the intent and not the exact days that matters.

Children’s Blessing (Shichi-Go-San) is held in November for children who are 7,5 and 3 years old. These are like the confirmation or presentation to the shrine, thanksgiving for their health and well-being and progress in their growth and education.

Blessing of Significant Ages (Yakudoshi) was considered by the ancient people to be, in the Eastern counting system 25, 42, 61 for men and 19, 33, 37 for women. They considered these ages to be full of major changes and hazards, and therefore, these milestone ages are marked not only by purification and blessing but also with expressions of gratitude and divine guidance.

Car and Boat Blessings are held for the owner(s) of a new or used car and boat. This is the service for safe driving sailing and freedom from harm. The priest blesses the car, boat, and owners.

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