About Izumo Taisha

The Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii (also known as “Hawaii Izumo Taisha”) is a branch of Izumo Taisha Grand Shinto Shrine (Izumo Oyashiro) of Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The religious community is also known as “Izumo Oyashirokyo.” Many old structures at the Main Shrine are designated as historic monuments by the Japanese government. Archeologists agree that the original remains of Izumo Taisha can be traced back to the 3rd or 4th Century A.D.

There are approximately 300 Shrine branches throughout Japan. One of the primary events of the Shrine is to conduct pilgrimages to the Main Shrine, called “Homecoming” or “Okunigaeri.” Hawaii Izumo Taisha also conducts a pilgrimage group to “Okunigaeri” occasionally.


Our History

The history of Hawaii Izumo Taisha and Japanese Immigration to Hawaii.



The Shinto Belief

Learn more about Shinto and Izumo Taishakyo.



Rituals & Symbols

Learn about the rituals and symbols of Izumo Taishakyo.


The Future

The Izumo Taisha in Hawaii has served the members and public since 1906. Today, the Shrine is one of Hawaii’s major Japanese American landmarks. This community has been achieved thanks to the donations and dedicated support of the members, friends and many volunteers, especially the semi-retired and retired persons.

To assure the future of the Shrine, continued support will be needed. Daily maintenance and periodic repairs are always needed.

Today, there is a multi-purpose social hall where religious, social, cultural, sports and other meetings, gatherings, and classes are held. All, especially the young people are welcome to participate more fully in the direct and indirect activities of the Shrine. In this changing world, all of us, including the younger generations, hold the key to the survival of the Shrine.

Support of the Shrine by membership (regular or the women’s group), volunteer work and donations (funds or building funds) are always welcome, including general donations during one’s lifetime or by will.

Introduction of Priests

Bishop Daiya Amano came to Hawaii from Izumo headquarters in 1990. He has served over 20 years here and was promoted to the rank of Bishop in 2010.

In 2011, Rev. Jun Miyasaka came from headquarters as the Assistant to the Chief Priest.